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Address:# 416, Chunjiang Industrial Zone, Fuyang, Hangzhou, China

Company Profile
Hangzhou Gerson Paper Co.,Ltd

Hangzhou Gerson Paper Co., Ltd Hangzhou Gerson Paper Co., Ltd located in chunjiang Industrial Zone, the biggest duplex board production base in china. Gerson Paper specialized in providing duplex board grey back, duplex board white back, folding box board, colored paper board, grey board, paper cups, fluorescent paper, pearl paper, sticker paper etc. Our capacity around 5000 tons per month. To customers, time is money, we always assure delivery time within 20days, even 10days sometimes. As a customer service center, we have more than 8 years experience in exporting and servicing. We have established extensive cooperation relationships with customers in middle east, south east asia, south america and south asia, etc. Our purpose and principle : GIVE ALL THE BEST TO OUR CUSTOMERS.

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